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Cyprus Developers aims to feature all the property developers in Cyprus. Since 2004 thousands of prospetive buyers have found Cyprus Property for sale or rent within our directory, from Cyprus Property Developers, offering various housing projects of villas, town houses, plots and apartments. In our portal you may also find useful tips and information regarding the Cyprus Property Market in general. Our sole aim is to help you make the best property investment decision. If you are looking to buy a Cyprus property in a specific town check our sections for Limassol property developersNicosia property developers or Paphos property developers for example to find developers in Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos and so forth.

If you have to seriously consider purchasing property in Cyprus you could find an interest to deal directly with a Cyprus Property Developer instead of working with a real estate agent or broker. For most first time Cyprus property owners the initial contact is most likely to be through an advert on the internet, after a visit to an overseas property fair or walking through the busy Cyprus roads and looking at properties being advertised through property shops . If this is the case chances are high enough that the person or company whom you will encounter is an agent and not the developers themselves. It is not always easy for Cyprus Property Developers to exhibit in all or even some of the international property fairs abroad with most of them choosing instead to operate through a network of property agents or advisers, as some of them are now labeling themselves.

There is nothing wrong or illegal with the way the majority of these businesses operate, but it is also fair to know that they are not actually owners of the Cyprus properties they offer. Usually Cyprus Developers will pay a sizable agency fee for each property they would sell through estate agents and that will actually be financed eventually by you – the buyer. It is therefore reasonable to 'cut' the middle man if possible and save this particular cost. The truth is that Cyprus Property Developers do exactly what they clam of doing. ie Develop property in Cyprus. In other words, they are usually good in running the development process from purchasing land to constructing a building but would be more than happy to leave the marketing and sales to specialised estate agents. Having said this we would never what to underestimate the fine work being carried out by professional real estate agents in Cyprus as well as throughout the world. We are merely giving our humble opinion on how money can be saved by contacting Cyprus Property Developers through our specialised portal.

If you could find and contact Cyprus Developers direct you will certainly be more confident for a better deal for a Cyprus apartment, a Cyprus House or a Cyprus luxury Villa. The trick however is to find the right developer in Cyprus that builds in the right area the type of property you would want to buy. This of course requires from you doing some serious research. But then again, are you not ready to put a little effort, if you were to save several thousands of euros? We are not talking about pocket change here but serious money.

A search for “Cyprus Property” or 'Cyprus Property Developers' or “Cyprus Developers” in the major search engines will produce a list as long as your arm, but you will need to do some weeding out. Some of the links will lead to even more Cyprus property agents acting on behalf of Cyprus Property Developers so that you can discount straight away. If you are lucky enough to find our portal which usually occupies first results in search engines you are half the way there. From you will be able to reach the websites of the most reputable Cyprus Property Developers. Work your way through these companies and identify what is most near where you want to buy and find out where their offices are located. Once you find a developer of Cyprus property that suits your needs, ask about the status of any developments recently completed and go take a look for yourself. If the properties are good and the standard of finish is impressive, you should start knocking on some doors literally.

In April 2012 a new Board of the Pancyprian Association of Business Development and Buildings, (The Association of Cyprus Property Developers) which is a member of the Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), emerged from the Annual General Meeting of the Association held last month in Nicosia, held its first session at the time.

The elected President is Mr Pantelis Leptos and deputy President Mr. Michael Zavos. The positions of Vice-Presidents are now held by Mr George May and Anthony Kakoullis. Mr. Christos Christou is elected Secretary of the Association and the Treasurer is Mr John Misirlis.

The Board has nine more members: Messrs. Lakis Tofarides, Pieros Marcoullis, Savvas Georgiadis, Panicos Livadiotis, Dimitris Assiotis, George Karaolis, Andreas Sandis, Yiannis Pipis, and Zenos Lemis.

During the first session of the body, the new President of the Association, Mr Pantelis Leptos and the former President Lakis Tofarides, reported on the considerable amount of work that will be required by the new Board, under conditions of extreme crisis and economic problems that plague the Cyprus Property industry. They urged all members to work collectively and methodically to achieve the objectives of the Association.

On the other hand if you are looking for Cyprus Property For Sale by individuals as well as Property Developers, you may use our new portal featuring free listing of thousands of new and resale properties direct by property owners, as well as real estate agents and developers.


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