Privacy Policy

CyprusNet is owned and operated by Dictiorasis Ltd and refers collectively to Dictiorasis Ltd and its subsidiaries, affiliates and related companies (the ‘Sites’). Please see the Terms of Use to view the conditions regarding the use of the site.

Use of the site is considered acceptance of the Terms of Use. The right to modify content on any of the sites periodically and without prior notice is reserved by CyprusNet.


Through the use of any of the sites within the CyprusNet network some anonymous data is collected that includes an IP address, which pages have been viewed and the time and date of a visit to any of the advertisements featured within Cyprus Developers. Additional anonymous data may also be collected during the registration process such as age, gender and interests. None of the data that is aforementioned can be used to identify an individual.

Through the registration process on Cyprus Developers some personally identifiable data will be collected such as name, address and email addresses. The deletion of this data can be requested at any time.

Additional information is collected from companies and persons who wish to enter into some form of business relationship with CyprusNet. This data is collected to enable us to provide quality administration services, maintain account information and to make or receive payments.

All data that is supplied to CyprusNet through Cyprus Developers is treated in the strictest confidence. However the anonymous and personally identifiable data collected by CyprusNet may be shared with third-parties. Companies who provide administrative services such as delivery, billing and payments may have access to the information held by CyprusNet. These companies are required to enter into an agreement with CyprusNet to ensure the confidentiality of this information at all times.

All data information that is maintained by CyprusNet may be shared with government officials and law enforcement agencies if and when deemed necessary.


CyprusNet endeavours to maintain high security of its network and any data that it holds at all times.

Employees that work within CyprusNet are given access to data that is deemed necessary for them to complete their task effectively and to deliver the services and products for CyprusNet.

It is important to remember that the internet is not 100% secure medium and the slight possibility that somebody may defeat the high-security measures used by CyprusNet does exist.


All persons who supply personally identifiable data to CyprusNet have access to this information in order enable changes and to ensure that it is correct.

CyprusNet will occasionally use material found on the web without the permission of the website owner. If the website owner does not wish for us to continue using this information, CyprusNet will remove any logos, information or links upon request.


From time to time CyprusNet may need to make changes to its privacy policy. Any changes made will be promptly made known by being published via this privacy policy.


Use and access to any site within the CyprusNet network are governed in agreement with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.


To contact us regarding any questions you may have or further information required by you can be requested by sending us an email.