The service offered by CyprusNet is provided to persons who are aged 18 and over. Any person below this age must have the consent of a parent or guardian to create and to continue the use of an account.



1) Member Account, Password & Security

CyprusNet reserves the right to terminate any agreements made with any persons if it is found that the information supplied during registration is not complete and accurate.


Once the creation of an account is complete, you will be supplied with a password to access your account. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password and account information and any activity that is undertaken with your account.


Through completing the registration process you agree to inform CyprusNet of any breach of security in regards to your account immediately.

2) Member Privacy

CyprusNet will not reveal any personal information in regards to you or your use of the services supplied by CyprusNet unless there is reason or a need to: (a) conform to legal requirements; (b) protect the property and rights of CyprusNet; (c) enforce the Terms of Use; (d) take any actions in order to protect its members.


Agreement by you is made to allow CyprusNet access to your account and information to provide assistance, service and technical support.

3) Member Conduct

You agree that you or anyone using your account will not use the Cyprus Developers service supplied by CyprusNet for unlawful or prohibited purposes as detailed in these Terms of Use.


You agree to;


a) Not use the service to send unwanted emails in relation to chain letters, surveys and any other form of email that is considered to be junk email, commercial or private nor to advertise, sell or buy goods and services for commercial use.

b) Not violate the legal rights of others through the use of offensive language, abuse, harassment and threatening behaviour nor to publish, distribute any material or information that is considered unlawful, profane, indecent, obscene, slanderous, insulting and or offensive.

c) Not collect any form of information in regards to others without their complete consent nor to create a false identity to mislead other persons to the source and identity of a message.

d) Not to use or copy any content or user information found within Cyprus Developers for any reason.

e) Not to transmit or upload any material that may be harmful or classed as malicious.

f) Not to transmit or upload any material protected by property laws, rights of privacy or any other applicable laws unless you own or have the explicit consent of the owner of such material.

g) Not to violate the policies, regulations and procedures or to disrupt or interfere in any way with the services of CyprusNet nor to violate any regulations or laws regarding the transmission of data or software through this Cyprus Developers service.

h) Not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part of the Cyprus Developers service, other member accounts, computer systems or networks by any means.

i) Not obstruct other persons or entity’s use and enjoyment of the service Cyprus Developers provided by CyprusNet.


There is no responsibility by Cyprus Developers to monitor the services provided or a persons usage of its services unless it is deemed necessary to comply with an applicable law, regulation, governmental request or legal process.

4) Third Party Sites

There are many links within Cyprus Developers that will link out of the network and take you to a third party website. CyprusNet does not hold any responsibility for the content, links and correctness of information contained within these third party sites nor does the inclusion of these third party links within Cyprus Developers mean that CyprusNet endorses all information and/or links found within these third party websites.


No responsibility is held by CyprusNet for the accuracy of any of the advertisements or their links found in Cyprus Developers.

5) Disclaimers/Limitation of Liability

CyprusNet will make changes at times to the information contained in any part of its sites. There may be some inaccuracies and/or typographical errors found within Cyprus Developers.


CyprusNet does not declare that the service will be error-free or uninterrupted, that any defects will be corrected or that the services and/or servers are free of malicious components nor does it certify that service and/or materials available through the network will be accurate, reliable, correct or timely.


You agree that CyprusNet is not responsible for any information or materials sent using its service. You agree that there is no responsibility held by CyprusNet for any unauthorised access or alteration to data sent or received by you through its service or liable for any threatening, obscene, defamatory or otherwise offensive behaviour, content or conduct of any person or persons.



7) Termination

For any reason deemed necessary CyprusNet may, at any time, with or without prior notification, terminate your access and account to any part or all of the services offered.


Your account may also be terminated due to inactivity. Inactivity is classified by failing to log into your account for long period of time as decided by CyprusNet. Currently if you do not log into your account for 10 days after initial registration and 90 days since your last login then this is considered to be an inactive account and it may be deleted. CyprusNet will also terminate your account if it believes that you are either connected to or the instigator of any unsolicited bulk email.

8) Participation in Promotions of Advertisers

CyprusNet will not be held accountable for any dealings that a person has with any one of the Advertises found within Cyprus Developers. All such dealings are between you and the Advertiser/third party. Therefore, CyprusNet has no authority to undertake any action.

9) Proprietary Rights to Content

You acknowledge that any form of material that can be found within, distributed by or produced by Cyprus Developers is protected by trademarks, copyrights, service marks or any other proprietary rights and laws. Modification, reproduction, transmitting or distribution of any content found within Cyprus Developers or the services offered by CyprusNet is a breach of these proprietary laws.

10) Modifications to Terms of Use and Member Policies

CyprusNet retains the right to modify or change the Terms of Use in regards to the services it offers at any given time. Notification of such changes will be done by the posting the updated Terms of Use. Continuation of use of the service provided will be considered as consent to such changes.

11) General

The laws of the Republic of Cyprus govern this agreement. Any use of the service that does not abide by these Terms of Use is unauthorised. As a result of this agreement, you agree that no partnership, employment or any form of relationship is in existence between you and CyprusNet.


Nothing in this agreement deviates away from CyprusNet’s right to comply with governmental, court and law enforcement requirements or requests in regards to the information supplied or a person’s use of the service. This agreement represents the complete agreement between the user and CyprusNet unless otherwise stated.


A printed version of any electronic documentation found within Cyprus Developers is available on request.


You agree that any cause of action that may result from the use of the service provided by CyprusNet is to begin within one (1) year after the cause of action arose.


Please note that the section titles found within this document are for ease of use and have no legal or contractual significance.

Copyright and Trademark Notices:

All contents of the Service are: Copyright (c) 2004 CyprusNet and/or its suppliers. TRADEMARKS. and/or other CyprusNet products and services referenced are trademarks of CyprusNet. Names of companies within the CyprusNet network may be the trademarks of their particular owners.