Buying Property in Cyprus

Selecting the right Cyprus Property Developer and finding private property for sale in Cyprus or building your Apartment, Bungalow, Town House, Maisonette or dream Villa is not an easy task for the average person who spends 2 weeks on holiday looking to buy a property that will affect the rest of their lives.

Cyprus Property Purchase

 Cyprus Developers portal is here to help you with the legal and administrative steps needed to be taken in order to successfully complete the property ownership process. Cyprus is an ideal location for working, living and leisure, so why not take the initiative to invest in property here? Before you do however, there are several facts that a buyer should be aware of before negotiating a deal..

Cyprus Property Ownership

Owning Cyprus property is a relatively straightforward process. As a buyer however, you must familiarize yourself with the laws and documentation that are required to effectively acquire Cyprus properties.

Cyprus Property Tax

Cyprus Captial Gains Tax: Capital gain is revenue attained from the sale of an asset that was previously purchased at a lower price. Generally, capital gains are attained from the sale of stocks, bonds, and property.

Cyprus Loans

Once residential licenses have been approved, the next step is working out a payment plan with a choice from mamy local Cyprus Banks. Generally, you must provide the bank with specific documents in order to complete the property ownership registration process for a bank loan.

Cyprus Utility Fees

Cyprus Communal Expenses: Communal expenses cover an owner's share towards the cost of cleaning and maintaining a project's communal areas, gardens, swimming pool, management fees, and repairs. These costs are payable in predetermined installments during the year and vary between developments and properties   Cyprus Electricity and Water Supply: Utility bills such as electricity and water can be paid directly to the electric and water supply companies, either through direct banking systems bay giving instructions to your associate bank, online either by JCC payment systems or through each bank's direct banking systems. T.

Cyprus Property FAQ

Q. As a non-Cypriot what I am allowed to buy?A. Compared to many countries buying property in Cyprus is very easy. As a non-Cypriot you are entitled to buy a freehold property for your personal use either: a) An apartment or a house orb) A villa on a building site not exceeding 4000 sq..

Developers and Customers

Cyprus Property developers build and develop properties, resorts and complexes and often work with Cyprus Estate Agents who sell the houses and apartments on their behalf. First and foremost you should expect the developer to build properties that as a minimum reach the building code or regulations of Cyprus.