Cyprus Utility Fees

Cyprus Communal Expenses: Communal expenses cover an owner's share towards the cost of cleaning and maintaining a project's communal areas, gardens, swimming pool, management fees and repairs. These costs are payable in predetermined installments during the year and vary between developments and properties; however, these fees tend to average around 400.00 CYP per annum.

Cyprus Electricity and Water Supply: Utility bills such as electricity and water are payable to the electric and water supply companies respectively. These payments are due at set periods during the year. They consist of a fixed connection fee and include a base monthly fee, along with the consumption rate per household. For electricity this is 1.65 CYP every two months plus 5.5 cents per Kw/hr. The electricity in Cyprus is 220-240 volts. If you are relocating to Cyprus from the U.K. or any other European country, your appliances can be used here without an adaptor. Listed below are the connection fees regarding electricity, water and phone.

Cyprus Connection Fees:
Electricity 75.00 CYP
Water 32.00 CYP
Telephone 100.00 CYP

The above amounts are deposits for security reasons only and are refundable with termination of the service.