Cyprus is a wonderful Island enjoying beautiful weather all year round with over 330 sunny days throughout the year. If this alone is not convincing that Cyprus is the right place to own a holiday apartment or villa then how about all the other things it has going for it? The English language is taught in all the schools and most businesses communicate in English too. Cypriots drive on the left same as the United Kingdom and use a similar legal system as well. In fact Cyprus is often referred to as UK with added sun. Maybe that's why so many people are buying property in Cyprus and many are even settling here to live or retire in the sun.

So if you like the idea of owning a holiday home in the sun, a Cyprus house, apartment or villa is an ideal property investment.

Prices of Cyprus properties are very stable contrary to the gloomy international market. This is why Cypriots are investing for their families and the future of their children and many foreign buyers of holiday apartments and villas are now deciding to move before they are priced out of the market. Despite the increase in property prices in the last five to ten years a Cyprus property still represents great value for money both in terms of purchase prices compared with other European countries and return on investment. In fact prices of property in Cyprus are usually rising faster than comparable investments in many other parts of Europe.

Nowadays vacation habits are somehow changing from hotel and hotel apartments to the independence of leasing a self contained flat or luxury villa. More bookings are being made direct to flight reservation services and private property letting houses as holiday makers prefer to build their own package rather than utilize the services of tour organizers.

This trend is the result of a growing number of internet websites offering on line deals which holiday makers can compare sitting back on their couch and holding just an electronic mouse. If you need to borrow on a mortgage there are still great opportunity with the local banks ready to lend money at reasonable interest rates.