The open channels of communication with members of the RICS and the wider public to establish a price index, which records data on the market, will be the priorities of the new board of RICS Cyprus.

On the first declarations after taking the presidency, Petros Stylianou notes in particular that the new group will pay all the forces that the crisis in the industry took it as painlessly as possible.

Under the microscope of the new board will be several problems that beset the market for a long time, such as the quality of buildings and the abundance of available property, especially in coastal areas, Mr Stylianou.

With what objectives assume the chairmanship of RICS Cyprus;

I take a sense of responsibility but also optimism, although we are a global economic crisis, which has inevitably affected our economy and especially the construction sector, where are our members. We will try to help both the board and our members to go through this crisis as painlessly as possible and always with a view to offer quality services for our members in this area.

What priorities will set the new council?

As you know, members of our organization is different specialties, such as property valuers, the epimetrites quantity surveyors and engineers.

Hence my suggestion for the new Board will be to listen in a dialogue or a questionnaire to

our members, some of the problems encountered and recommendations,

so that we can improve the level of our services.

Another suggestion would be to better inform the public about the type and level of services for our members. In relation to the property market in Cyprus will try to define an index, which records the data pagkyprios.

What are the objectives of the international RICS, which has asked you to implement?

The objectives of RICS world, which of course reflects our own, is the increase of members, improve their services and ongoing information on new issues and

innovations in their respective specialties.

What you consider to be the most important problems of the housing market in Cyprus and how solved?

The quality of construction, the abundance of available property, especially in coastal areas, the undue delay in issuing building permits and ownership and financing of new projects are just some of the problems facing our industry.

Solving these problems will be the contribution of the state but also to change our attitudes on many issues. We must finally realize that Cyprus is not the center of the world and to realize that our industry, which attracts customers both from within and others outside the EU, should be competitive in price but also high construction of buildings.




The quality of construction.

The abundance of available property, especially in coastal areas.

The undue delay in issuing building permits and property deeds.

The funding of new projects.