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Three investment funds of Kuwait, have expressed keen interest for Cyprus investments after the recent contacts of the Cypriot delegation with the Arab country.

In fact, a list of 30 projects which are in the final stage of implementation, ie they have final drawings, necessary permits and any other relevant plans were promoted in Kuwait. Kuwait directly or indirectly invests tens of billions of dollars globally every year to third countries.

It should however be noted that not only large and costly projects were promoted but also smaller scale investments, since the aim of the mission which visited the Arabian Gulf, was to promote small-scale projects to open up new jobs and start-up the badly hit Cyprus economy. Β These smaller initiatives will clear the way to what are the real intentions of Kuwait concerning Cyprus investment opportunities and synergies.

The Cypriot delegation agreed to submit more details of its upcoming projects and will soon make new contacts with the business community of the country. However the government and CIPA as well as the Cypriot entrepreneurs that visited Kuwait are keeping a low profile and modest optimism on the final outcome.