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Gypscorton Trading Ltd is offering solutions from simple repairs to major building complex renovations, according to a statement by the company. We undertake projects of any size and nature in professional and commercial buildings, recreational areas, hotels, development projects, apartment buildings and private residences. "Our range of services covers from Β the initial design and site planning, to full refurbishments and Turn-key solutions.

Some of our services:

β€’ Home study and need-assessment of each project.

β€’ We carry out all building work, electrical / plumbing, gypsum works, plasterboard finishes, carpentry, etc.

β€’ We deliver fully furnished spaces based on selected options and costing

β€’ We can prepare your technical specifications

β€’ We offer detailed supplier lists

β€’ We prepare a program for the smooth execution of the project

β€’ Close monitoring and supervision of daily operations at all stages of the project until the final delivery

β€’ Maintenance after the execution and delivery (After completion-maintenance)

β€’ Design proposal and presentation of ideas (Concept Drawings)

β€’ Preparation of three-dimensional sketches and drafts

β€’ Professional presentation of selected solutions, including 3D Computer Presentations

β€’ Preparation of final plans and construction details


Contact: Marios Christofi

Phone 99047484 β€’