The Cyprus Government exercising responsible policy has pledged to solve the problem of obtaining property title deeds, which for decades now stifling the Cypriot society and the number of foreign property owners in our country but also reached a plea defamation of Cyprus abroad, says the Interior Minister.

In a written statement, the Interior Minister noted that in this context, the Ministry of Interior has an extremely difficult, complex and complicated task, that of effective and integrated approach to the problem by adopting a series of innovative practices that have accelerated the adoption process property deeds.

Furthermore, adding that the Interior Ministry has prepared a series of legislative amendments / regulations, which will equip the public authorities with the tools necessary work to achieve the desired reform of the system of registration and issue of property deeds for both cases of the past and above all, of the future.

It should be noted that the five legislative amendments introduced by the Ministry of Interior are seeking an ย overall operating approach, as opposed to occasionally Bills submitted and address the problem piecemeal or casual.

Mr. Sylikiotis indicates that the processes for legislative reform of the system of registration and issuance of securities owned have started since April 2008, which occurred well before the global economic crisis.

''It can also be easily understood, such an important effort radical revision of the system of registration and issue property deeds require a reasonable period of serious consideration and full understanding of all dimensions of the problem before making final decisions on the measures that should be taken to resolve the''notes.

It is, therefore, at least inaccurate. continues to attempt the correlation of government policies that support the policy choices of state revenue.

Mr. Sylikiotis says that until now the comments and suggestions received from the Ministry of the bodies responsible for the steps taken towards resolving the problem of issue ownership is encouraging.

The responsibility''for the most radical reform of the system and final settlement of this problem is passed in the House and parliamentary readiness to adopt the proposed legislative amendments to the Interior Ministry, as deposited in Parliament on the opening of the'' , results in a written statement, the Interior Minister Sylikiotis Neoklis.