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The Real Estate agents Antonis Loizou & Associates have extended their connections with China and have invited several real estate agents to visit Cyprus. "Your hospitality and the amount of 2800 Cyprus Properties for sale and the over 800 properties for rent which you have in your portfolio have impressed us" said Mr Sun Bao Zhong spokesman for the real estate agents from China.

Mr. A. Loizou said that "together with our colleagues Messrs. Andreas Neocleous (lawyers) and KPMG (audit firm) we have prepared a website in both Chinese, and Arabic and this has helped our business to expand to these markets”.

Our next efforts target the Arab countries, especially Syria and Egypt as well as other neighboring countries. Some initiatives were organized with various intermediaries and Christians from Syria and Egypt, explaining to them the Cyprus government measure "passports with money" and "permanent residence with property investments. Of course he noted that “Nothing is certain yet and we need to have "patience and money" at this stage. Recent sales to Egyptian nationals are encouraging, but finding a person with knowledge of the Arabic language and having the same culture is the main problem for us at the moment” he said.