Have you ever though about investing in an inexpensive Cyprus apartment? It might be a good idea, because buying an apartment is extremely reasonable at the moment. Economists expect prices growth very soon and these prices are showing a very slight increase, so don't miss an opportunity of buying an affordable Cyprus apartment.

Have a look at the map of Cyprus; it is small but very distinct. The weather in Cyprus is very hot during the summer but a journey to the mountains will be a welcome break from this warmth as it is always a few degrees cooler.

Many people are thinking where to invest. First of all you have to decide whether you want a coastal property or property in the mountains. Choosing your property you should be aware that mountain properties are usually a bit cheaper than a coastal property.

During the summer months your inexpensive Cyprus apartment or any of the Studio apartments in Cyprus will be highly sought as rental properties, so your property investment could make you an income while you are not using it.

Weather in Cyprus is wonderful with 320 days of sunshine per year and snow in the mountains during December to March so you could ski in the mornings and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon, where else could you do that?

Imagine owning your own piece of the Island of Love, staying in your Cyprus apartment terrace on a warm summer’s night and listening to the pine trees rustling in the wind, fantastic... and quite romantic.

Life in the Mediterranean is slow, relaxing and peaceful. You would enjoy your life without stress. The food is fresh and healthy in Cyprus. It has a wonderful taste we thoroughly recommend.

You will find many things to do all year round, having fun in water parks in the summer period and skiing in the winter.

You haven’t decided yet? Cyprus property for sale is still very reasonable, but the opportunity will not be around for much longer as prices will start to grow so visit Cyprus and take a look at an affordable apartment.