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Release of "Frozen" deposits from Bank of Cyprus through a property investment from Aristo Developers

Following the news of the release of "frozen" deposits from the Bank of Cyprus, Aristo Developers is in position to offer large selection of investment opportunities to those interested in acquiring property in Cyprus.

With a vast portfolio of properties located all around Cyprus, Aristo Developers is in the best position to provide to investors, regardless their investment budget, unlimited options to invest.

This plan ensures multiple benefits for the buyer / applicant as follows:

  • 100% exchange of their β€˜frozen’ deposit for a secure property investment, equivalent to its value.
  • Deposits which are fixed with a low interest rate and are unusable will be released by the bank.
  • Deposits will eliminate the risks arising from the current instability surrounding the Cyprus financial system.

Ensures an investment which will generate a much higher investment yield than the interest rate offered by the bank, through the usage or letting of the property and the potential future increase in property values, given the low property prices these days.

Aristo Developers in an attempt to make this investment even more attractive will incentivize this opportunity with a 15% discount on all listed prices for investments over €500.000 through this scheme.

The management of Aristo Developers and our financial consultants are at your disposal for any information and assistance you may require.Β  Telephone: +357 26 842 842