Why buy Cyprus Property?

Cyprus is an island full of multinational individuals and cultures. Why?  Because everyone loves Cyprus and when people come for holidays here, they end up buying properties and moving to the island. Why moving here in Cyprus? The reason why most tourists end up relocating here is because Cyprus has so much to offer..

Cyprus Renovation Properties

During the last few years developers in Cyprus and especially in the Limassol area have managed to transform old properties and especially old apartment buildings that were built 20 to 30 years ago to modern designer buildings, by strengthening the original structure and by changing their interior design, and providing them with new technological advances.

Property Analysis

Cyprus Property Analysis September 2009An analysis of the current situation of the property market goes by the province, the Association of Scientists Valuers Cyprus, as well as forecasts for the remainder of the year.

Cyprus Beach Apartments

Cyprus Beach Apartments: Make the Dream a RealityCyprus is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean area is much sought after by investors as well as those looking for buying a holiday home for themselves.

Time To Invest in Property?

Cyprus is a wonderful Island enjoying beautiful weather all year round with over 330 sunny days throughout the year. If this alone is not convincing that Cyprus is the right place to own a holiday apartment or villa then how about all the other things it has going for it? The English language is taught in all the schools and most businesses communicate in English too.

Price Reductions

The Cyprus Association of Business Development Land and Buildings has just submitted a press conference advising that there are three measures that will help the state to increase revenue and seven measures to revive the property market in Cyprus.

Developers Suggestions

The ex-President of the Cyprus Association of Business Building and Land Development (or just the Cyprus Developers Association), Mr. Lakis Tofarides have made specific suggestions to revive the Cyprus Property market and the wider economic development activity.

Cyprus Title Deeds

The Cyprus Government exercising responsible policy has pledged to solve the problem of obtaining property title deeds, which for decades now stifling the Cypriot society and the number of foreign property owners in our country but also reached a plea defamation of Cyprus abroad, says the Interior Minister.

Buy a Cyprus Apartment

Have you ever though about investing in an inexpensive Cyprus apartment? It might be a good idea, because buying an apartment is extremely reasonable at the moment. Economists expect prices growth very soon and these prices are showing a very slight increase, so don't miss an opportunity of buying an affordable Cyprus apartment.

Government Projects

Momentum, albeit small, is expected to give the construction industry in the government's decision to launch bids for the maintenance of government settlements of the province of Nicosia.According to the notice of Ministry of Interior - Department of Urban and habitation - the project is classified in the C class for building works or higher.

RICS Cyprus

The open channels of communication with members of the RICS and the wider public to establish a price index, which records data on the market, will be the priorities of the new board of RICS Cyprus.On the first declarations after taking the presidency, Petros Stylianou notes in particular that the new group will pay all the forces that the crisis in the industry took it as painlessly as possible.

An apartment in the sun

If you were dreaming to have a home in the sun but you though you could never afford one maybe you should think again. Buying an apartment in Cyprus is the ideal option for a holiday home. As the villas prices in Cyprus continue to rise the luxury apartment is becoming a real affordable alternative.

Protaras Properties

What if the global economic crisis hit the pocket but also the psychology here? The summer has gone well for the dream to acquire a holiday home. In Ayia Napa and Protaras now Cypriots are making the game since prices have fallen to 2006 levels and now more than ever is the opportunity to buy a holiday home.

Villas in Cyprus

It is not an easy task to find the right place to invest in a vacation home. It could take you months and even possibly years to find the one that matches your preferences and lifestyle because of the many places there are to choose from.

Property Prices

Occasionally said and written about the issue of property values and more specifically whether the downward trend in prices in some areas will continue and we saw the bottom and once we start seeing the reverse trend.

Tips for Buying a Villa

There are many people who visit Cyprus on vacation who find that they return to purchase a vacation villa. It is sensible to research the market trends before committing to buy any type of property, no matter which country you purchase in to ensure that you will make a good decision.